Sébastien Labrunie is a French multidisciplinary visual artist born in 1982. He specializes in crafting immersive installation art, 360 fulldome films, music videos, experimental VR experiences, and live A/V performances.
​​​​​​​Using a mixed-media collage approach, he blurs the boundaries between digital and analog realities to create sensory experiences that explore human perception through organic textures and light. 
Blending surrealist and impressionist techniques within digital art, his work often carries a contemplative and spiritual dimension, especially perceptible in his large-scale immersive installations.
With a background in graphic design and VR industry he is now mainly focusing on experimental narrative forms, digital/analog glitch art and immersive installation art.

Latest events, exhibitions & awards:
— HALO, Paris, France, 2023  Fulldome Festival, Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie
BRIGHTFESTIVAL, Leipzig, Germany, 2022  Immersive exhibition, French Selection
— FULLDOME UK, Plymouth, UK, 2022  Fulldome Shortfilm "Jacinthe.XYZ"

SATFEST 2022, Montréal, Canada, 2022  Fulldome Shortfilm "Jacinthe.XYZ", Audience Award Winner
— Nuit des Idées, Moncton, Canada, 2022  A/V short film "Milamugsit"
— I CUBE Immersive Contest, Fuzhou, China, 2021 "Brèche" Second Prize Winner
HYPERPERSPECTIVE, Qingdao, China, 2021  Immersive Installation
— AADN Lyon, Planétarium de Vaux En Velin, France, 2021  Fulldome 360 Shortfilm projection

— Writting of Light Festival, Taichung Museum, Taiwan, 2020  "Echoes" Immersive Installation
— SATFEST Festival 2020, Montreal, Quebec, 2020  Fulldome 360 Shortfilm "Brèche" Official Selection
— Asia Digital Art Exhibition, Beijing, China, 2019  "Brèche" Large Scale Immersive Installation
— Voice of Shantou, Shantou, China, 2018 Live Audiovisual Performance
— Nuit Blanche Taipei, Taipei, 2018 Live A/V Performance
— Social Sound House Taipei, ENTERING TONE, Sono Lab, Taipei, 2018 Live A/V  Performance
— Electric Indigo NTCH 30th Party, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2017 Live A/V Performance

— Pattern Calling, National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei, 2017 Live A/V Performance
__ Spectacular Atrophy Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017  Installation+Performance
— The Book Of Daughters, Venue, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
Gazing into the Wilderness, Revolver Live House, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
— One Night of Phantasium with Buke and Gase, Spaced Out, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
— Lacking Sound Festival Listen 103, Changee, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
— Xue Xue Party, Xue Xue Institute, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
— Generate the Night, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance
Hypersonic, Taipei National University of the Arts, TNUA, Taipei, 2016 Live A/V Performance

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