Sound: Lu Yi (TW) / Visuals: Sébastien Labrunie (FR) as SONDES A/V Duo

Voice of Shantou festival was an invitation for international and Taiwanese New Media and Sound artists to create audio-visual pieces based on a 5 days trip to Shantou early in 2018. 
After gathering audio and video materials, we came up with those fragments of Shantou city, moods and cultural artifacts. Sound is a mix of field recordings reworked and mastered and the visuals are original video footage processed and glitched in realtime, modulated by the sound. 
The idea was to bring back fragments of memories from the trip and recombine them to create this audio-visual dreamscape.
The result is a raw piece were city sounds became beats that liquify pixels, echoing traditional ink paintings and the industrial rythm of an expanding city.

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