Murmur is a poetic abstract narrative VR experience about perception and alienness. 
Imagine an interactive Joan Miró painting made with sensitive elementary particles,  a responsive audio-visual quantum poem to explore and dive in.
Murmur is also about being a stranger to the unknown, diving into it and embrace the discovery. 
As a foreign entity in the world of Murmur you can simply float and observe this new world, or you can choose to use voice modulations to interact with your surroundings, see and hear what happens, and progress through the story.  Your behaviour and degree of interaction will shape the narration, unfolding fragments of space and time as you dive deeper.
Will you stay silent in the void?
Murmur's world melt foregrounds and backgrounds, glitching and merging spaces and colors to trick the eyes and brain, opening ways to new vistas
Sound design is a big part of the experience, mixing pure frequencies, noise samples and pieces of sounds created by the taiwanese Noise artist Yi Lu to illustrate those phantasmagorical spaces and encounters. 
The raw aspect of the audio part, half Ambient half Noise and it's spatial nature contributes to generate emotional immersion and a stronger physicallity to the experience.
Yi Lu and I have been collaborating for 3 years on avant-garde live performances as the audio-visual duo Sondes and we're also planning to integrate Murmur in future live performances as a unique set.
Murmur  is still in development​​​​​​​
Glimpse Teaser
Y-Entity _Sample from Murmur's soundtrack
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