Sound: Lu Yi (TW) / Visuals: Sébastien Labrunie (FR)
Performing as SONDES A/V Duo
 Electric Indigo NTCH 30th Party, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2017
Electric Indigo project was an invitation to create an audio-visual experience inspired by Taiwanese aboriginal iconography and totems. 
Sound is a mix of forest field recordings, traditional aboriginal chants and samples from custom made analog audio hardware. For the visual part, analog video synthesizers are processed through real time digital software to capture vivid raw colors and CRT TV scanlines echoing aboriginal traditional fabric and patterns. All visuals are synced to the audio in real-time, creating a living colorful pattern.
The particular diamond shape pattern used in many visuals is omnipresent in Taiwanese aboriginal culture as the representation of the eye of the ancients.

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