«Brèche» is a dive through matter, light and memories. An organic unfolding of visual noises. Photogrammetric real life scans of different scales merge into abstract landscapes as we dive deeper into worlds where macro and micro become indistinguishable and where past moments interconnect.

«Brèche» set up is a large scale immersive video installation presented in Beijing for the Asia Digital Art Exhibition in 2019. 
Three 30mx12m projection walls and a 30mx30m floor projection area. 
900m²  total, 12 videoprojectors.

Visuals, Art Direction : Sébastien Labrunie / Sound Design: Sébastien Labrunie & Lu Yi


For this piece I wanted to create a slow cinematic sensory experience where people can dive in, lose themselves and explore an unknown land. 
I decided to use my everyday surroundings as main materials and tried to transform them into something a bit more magical. I thought it was a good challenge to use common materials and turn them into something else, somewhere else.  
During one month i gathered videos with different scales and subjects: leaves, buildings, forests, stones, friends and loved ones parts (nobody was hurt during the process).
I then selected and used some of those videos to create photogrammetric 3D scans.
Entering the third dimension i was able to combine all those pieces together, scale them, transform them into a surreal patchwork sculpture where micro and macro point of views merge.
Once the sculpt complete I could start wandering into this surreal landscape and work on the post processing, painting with pixels and  light.
The sound design was made in a cinematic drone style to reinforce this "overture"or "opening" feel. Field recordings were mixed with analog synths, DIY noise devices and space sound samples. 
Sound design is a collaboration with my live performances partner and friend the sound artist Lu Yi.
The result is an immersive oniric journey through an organic and surreal landscape, if you pay attention you'll be able to recognize some parts here and there but the whole patchwork will bring you somewhere else. 
It was a great feeling to see kids and people wandering in the light fields, sitting in this massive set up, covered in light and sounds, diving into "Brèche".
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