The idea behind “Échos” was to translate  selected paintings from 1960’s Taiwan Modern Art era and beyond 
into an oneiric immersive space in which people can dive in.
Using inspiration from textures and colors of the original reference paintings, “Échos” let the viewer experience the paintings from the inside and from a new perspective, exploring layers of colors and space in an enveloping environment. 
The real challenge was to translate the strokes, the organic leaking textures of the paint and the soul of each paintings into a 3D sculpture, without copy pasting originals but using color moods and rythms of the paintings  to evoke their respective atmospheres.

Duration: 5 minutes // Format: Immersive Installation 3 walls, floor projection, two-way mirrors
2020, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
Visuals, Art Direction : Sébastien Labrunie
Sound Design: Lu Yi

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