"In the natural world, some believe that cooperation is more valuable than competition. Whilst others can justify individualistic behaviours as a product of nature, the opposite sometimes can emerge as the truth. The law of nature is in fact based on a subtle balance between many entities and many living worlds, connected in spite of themselves, and yet deeply interdependent. It is this notion that Sophie Griffon, aka Odalie, uses as a thematic launchpad for her ambitious new album Puissante Vulnérabilité (Powerful Vulnerability)." Quoted from Odalie's Bandcamp
We met with Odalie during a AADN workshop in a planetarium in Lyon a few years ago and we wanted to work together for a really long time ! I loved working on this project together and I was free to approach the creative process freely.
The idea behind the visual process was to use actual real life footage, mostly natural shots from different point of views, merging drone shots with macro shots, and distort them to a point where life rhythms and motion are preserved but the original footage form disappears. Evoking how everything in Nature is interconnected and how us humans shape it, warp it, and destructure it, creating something else but still natural. 
The result is like an echo of a transformed nature, struggling to preserve its original form, but still full of energy, moving forward in ripples. 
We Are Nature is released under Max Cooper's label Mesh.
Music Video / Duration: 3:11 min / 2023
Direction : Sébastien Labrunie / Music: Odalie feat. Black Lilys
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