JACINTHE_XYZ started with a simple constraint: Using one single ordinary subject as an immersive piece starting point, focusing on its visual properties and creating from there. Like a classic still life, but in space and time. So the project began by using one unique point cloud file captured near my window in Vernon France: Jacinthe.xyz
JACINTHE_XYZ explores the full color palette of a single 3D photogrammetric scan of a group of hyacinths resting on my window in Vernon, France in early 2021. Using real-time modulations and distortions, the objective was to push the material features of the subject through different visual rhythms creating an abstract narrative taking advantage of the entire surface of the dome, breathing new life into this captured, inanimate "still" nature.
JACINTHE_XYZ is also an invitation to question our relationship to the transformation of Nature, the meaning of "natural".
The visuals were first captured in a live session using a MIDI controller to modulate the 3D scan. Then the talented French musician Clément Putegnat worked on the soundtrack from the visuals, then recorded a single clarinet/looper improvisation session based on his sensations.
To bring this creative exchange full circle, I captured one last live visual session based on Clément's soundtrack.

Duration: 4:18 min
Release: January 2022
Format: Fulldome 360 / Immersive Installation
Director-Visuals: Sébastien Labrunie [FR] / Music composer-Musician: Clément Putegnat [FR]
In memory of my cousin Fabrice.
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